Topic: show Image Number in different location

Wondering if the image number (ie: 1 / 20), can be placed right between the 2 arrows below the thumbnails. I know there are other options for placement, but client would like to see this if possible. … ative.html

Thanks so much!


Re: show Image Number in different location

The image number is always displayed at the top right of the caption area and the caption area cannot be positioned between the thumbnail navigation arrows using the captionPosition configuration option.

However, as you already have a gallery of fixed dimensions where nothing rescaled dynamically, you should be able to resize and reposition your caption area to where you would like it to be using the captionX and captionY configuration options in a Fixed Layout (though you would need to assign dimension and position values for all other elements in your gallery, too).
You may also need to alter the captionWidth and captionHeight (in svBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> Caption' section).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team