Topic: Flickr PhotoSet not found [SOLVED]

I recently found out that my gallery at was showing: Flickr PhotoSet not found.

I have upgraded Simpleviewer to the latest version placed the old svcore folder back, but it's still not working.

The set on Flickr is showing ok: … 546955703/

Any help?

Re: Flickr PhotoSet not found [SOLVED]

You have the current version of WP-SimpleViewer but the plugin is using SimpleViewer-Pro v2.3.0 (a version prior to the Flickr SSL API call fix being implemented).
You will need to download the latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro (v2.3.2) using the link from your purchase email (full instructions can be found here) and then replace the v2.3.0 'svcore' folder in your WP-SimpleViewer files with the v2.3.2 'svcore' folder from the SimpleViewer-Pro v2.3.2 download zip package ('simpleviewer_pro_2.3.2/web/svcore') following the Upgrading to SimpleViewer-Pro instructions.

As soon as you replace the 'svcore' folder, all your Flickr galleries created by WP-SimpleViewer will display once again.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Flickr PhotoSet not found [SOLVED]

Thanks! That worked for me!

Re: Flickr PhotoSet not found [SOLVED]

worked for me to - wan't recognising my flikr user name prior