Topic: Chrome not showing simpleveiwer correctly

Please bare with me on this :) my website works fine on firefox and worked ok on chrome, but since SV was upgraded it's gone a bit wrong on chrome :( can someone please advise if I need to upgrade SV and if they could look at my website, tell me if I have to do each individual gallery, (I have over 100!) which could take some time.
Thanks in advance :)

Re: Chrome not showing simpleveiwer correctly

Your galleries seem to display and function fine in Chrome 36.0 on my PC.
Try clearing your browser's cache before reloading your web site to see if this makes a difference.

If you continue to experience difficulties, then please describe your problem in greater detail (what happens or does not happen) and, if possible, upload a screenshot somewhere (and provide a link to it) so that I can see what you are seeing and hopefully help further. Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team