Topic: Order of Images in Gallery [SOLVED]

Using the new WP 3.9.2, the order of the images in my gallery (created from WP media files) seems to be random, even when I have not checked the "random order" box and have carefully uploaded them in the order I want. Can anyone help? Thanking you in advance!  :/

Re: Order of Images in Gallery [SOLVED]

The images are ordered by the WordPress 'menu_order' so the images should be displayed in the gallery as they are listed in the 'Insert Media -> Media Library -> Uploaded to this post' display (or in reverse order if selected in the gallery settings).

If you want to reverse the order of images in a Media Library gallery, edit your gallery (on the 'Dashboard -> SimpleViewer -> Manage Galleries' page) and select either 'Ascending' or 'Descending' (whichever is appropriate) for the 'Image Order'.

If you want to reorder images in a gallery (more than just reversing the order), then edit the page or post containing the gallery, click the 'Add Media' button, select 'Insert Media -> Media Library -> Uploaded to this post' and drag and drop the thumbnails into the order you would like them to be displayed in your gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Order of Images in Gallery [SOLVED]

Thank you Steven, yes it worked! I now have a much deeper understanding of how SimpleViewer interfaces with WP media. Much appreciated and have a blessed day!