Topic: Vevida hosting

On Vevida webhosting Netherlands  I have put two websites: and
On both these websites I have used SimpleViewer Pro photoalbums. To my surprise the albums do work on, but have stopped working on
After consulting the support dept. of Vevida they refered me back to SimpelViewer since they claim not to be in a position to find an error in software they did not help!!!!!!

kind regards,  Jan Rector

Re: Vevida hosting

I have found a SimpleViewer-Standard gallery on your domain at and it seems to display and function OK so perhaps you have already solved your problem or there was a temporary glitch with your web server which has now been resolved.
If you continue to experience problems, then please try clearing your browser's cache before reloading your gallery's web page to see if this helps.

Incidentally, I notice that the gallery is SimpleViewer-Standard rather than SimpleViewer-Pro but you have Pro configuration options in your gallery's XML file. If you want the Pro options to take effect, you will need to upgrade the gallery from Standard to Pro by replacing it's 'svcore' folder with the Pro version from the SimpleViewer-Pro download zip package ('simpleviewer_pro_2.3.2/web/svcore/').

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team