Topic: porblems with firefox / cross instead of image


the following gallery works fine with Chrome, but with Firefox only displays crosses instead of images:

https://3f79bef693cec623ff420c41d54f543 … index.html

any ideas?


Re: porblems with firefox / cross instead of image

Try using only alpha-numeric characters for your image filenames.
Many of your image filenames use special characters such as ã and à and it is these images which do not display in the gallery.

When uploaded to a web server, your image filenames become part of a URL and it would be wise to use only web-safe characters. Please see section 2.3 of this document for details.

Characters that are allowed in a URI but do not have a reserved purpose are called unreserved. These include uppercase and lowercase letters, decimal digits, hyphen, period, underscore, and tilde.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team