Topic: Moving JPGs

Firstly, congrats on a great piece of software. It is easy to use and produces classy slide shows, never crashes, pretty versitile, and it is quick. If I could add something to my WishList, it would be an easier way to move, or sort the JPGs around.  If I add a picture (it adds it to the end), it isn't easy to move it to the beginning of the slide show.  Unless I am doing something wrong, I have to drag the picture up, one page at a time, to where I want it to be placed.  And, I guess if I had another WishList item, it'd be a page curl transition.

Re: Moving JPGs

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you like SimpleViewer and svBuilder.

If you want to move a single image into a specific position, then you will need to drag and drop it into a new position on the 'Images' tab. Alternatively, after creating your gallery, you could open your gallery's XML file in a plain text editor and cut and paste complete <image> entries into the order you want. (This might actually be quicker if you have a very large gallery.)

Also, there are some preset sort orders (By File Name, By File Date and Reverse) which you might find useful.
These can be accessed via the 'Images -> Sort' option from the drop-down menu at the top of the application.

Please feel free to post any suggestions for future versions in the Feature Requests thread.
This keeps all the ideas together and ensures that they are not overlooked by the developers. Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team