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Topic: fine on android... not i iphone4 OS7

just downloaded and paid for pro version, and it works just spanky on android lolipop and win8.1/firefox

but not on the iphone 4 ios7 (iphone 4 can't go to 8)

ticked and unticked the "use flash" box under embed options

here's a link to one where the use flash is NOT ticked:http://jdubz.com/4ml

and one where it IS ticked: http://jdubz.com/4medialab

any suggestions to make sure it's 'universal' as pro promises?

thanks in advance.

Re: fine on android... not i iphone4 OS7

It looks like 'Use Flash' has been selected in both of your galleries.
The useFlash Embed Code Parameter is set to 'true' in the embedding code of both galleries.
Therefore, both of your galleries will use Adobe Flash Player (if it is available in the user's browser) and will fallback to using the Mobile Player on mobile devices and in browsers which do not have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled.

I have viewed your galleries on an iPod Touch 4 (iOS 6.1.6) and both galleries display and function fine.

Please note that the Mobile Player layout is very different to the Flash Player layout.
Please see these FAQs:
When I view my gallery I see a grid of thumbnails, not the layout I specified. Why?
The mobile player layout does not match the Flash player layout. Why not?

The Mobile Player within SimpleViewer does not display the thumbnails and main images on the same page. It displays the thumbnail page from which a main image can be selected. When a main image is selected, the main image replaces the thumbnails and the user can either navigate through the main images or return to the thumbnail page via the thumbnail button on the gallery's Button Bar.
The Mobile Player's layout (thumbnails and main images on separate pages) was designed to maximize the size of the main images on small screen devices. Also, SimpleViewer is predominantly a Flash image viewer and the Mobile Player was designed as a fallback for non-Flash enabled devices rather than a fully-featured image viewer within itself.

If you are looking for a more fully-featured HTML 5 image viewer than the Mobile Player within SimpleViewer, then you might like to take a look at another of our products: Juicebox.
Juicebox is a HTML 5 image viewer which does not use or rely on Adobe Flash Player at all. Juicebox has many more configuration options than the Mobile Player within SimpleViewer.
For information about how Juicebox adapts to different devices and screen sizes, please see here.
For information on the differences between SimpleViewer and Juicebox, please see this SimpleViewer blog entry.

I hope this information helps to clarify things.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team