Topic: Image Viewer is blank when uploaded to webserver

So my website has a page that has uses the simpleviewer. Locally everything was perfect, the simpleviewer was positioned exactly where I wanted it, and everything worked fine. But when I uploaded my files onto the webserver, my simpleviewer just disappeared. There is no remnants of it anywhere on the page. All of the text that was below the simpleviewer just moved to the top of the page. What is the reason that my simpleviewer disappeared after I put it on the webserver? What can I do to fix it.

Re: Image Viewer is blank when uploaded to webserver

Please see this FAQ:
When I view my gallery online, I see a blank area. Why?

If this does not help, then please double-check that your gallery files have been uploaded to your web server and that the paths in the gallery's embedding code are correct. (It sounds like the 'simpleviewer.js' file may not be loaded into your web page.)

If you continue to experience difficulties, then please post the URL to your gallery's web page so that I can take a look for myself and hopefully help further. (It would be much easier for me to troubleshoot your problem if I could see it for myself.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team