Topic: Please, I have a problem of download for imagePath


I do not manage to install my gallery. I looked at the faq, at the questions on the on-line forum but nothing has to make. sad

I manage to create photos but me does not understand the imagedata.xml file and more "imagePath" and "thumbPath" :shock:

Can anybody show me its file imagedata for several galleries? And the html file? Or the moderators can create a tuto for the example on the forum :cry:

When I put on my server, any imagePath displays, on the other hand in premises, everything works correctly.

If I remove the "s" on the file (images), in local, the similar nothing more work. Or is the variable images?

Thank you for your help and I am sorry for my limited English, I am French. wink  :oops:

My  files is

imageData  :arrow:
file html      :arrow:

Re: Please, I have a problem of download for imagePath

I never change the directories, but if you change the path, make sure the folder names match. It looks like yours look fine.

One thing that I noticed (I don't know how much of a difference it makes) is that the file extensions in the .xml file are all lowercase (.jpg) while the files in your images folder all have capital extensions (.JPG).

When I tried to load your gallery, the thumbnails came up fine, but the images never loaded.

The only thing that I saw was the extensions being slightly different. You might try changing that and see if it helps at all.

Re: Please, I have a problem of download for imagePath

Then there I am ashamed... :oops:  :oops:

During all day I looked for the errors, I all corrected except this one  mdrrrr  lol
Thank you all the same. lol

It is true when somebody else looks, he sees better the errors than me who in force see them more. roll

Thank you and long life in simpleviewer wink