Topic: Embed multiple galleries?

Hi everyone,

Let me just start this post by saying that I am not a programmer and have just been experimenting with SimpleViewer, so I would really appreciate if replies are written without the assumption of much knowledge...

That being said, I did manage to embed a SV gallery into my web page and it looked great. Then I took a step back, created two galleries, and tried to embed it again and this time I am stumped. I'd like the galleries to appear on the page, but instead they are linking to outside pages.

Take a look here:

I would greatly appreciate any ideas.


Re: Embed multiple galleries?

Yes, they are working as they should -  opening in a new page. add your nav and header to those pages. This is how the mutli gallery html example is set up. Alos, see the index.html in your download .  Post back with any questions.


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