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Hi everyone. I've been searching through all the posts and keep trying to use various methods to create a pop-up slideshow inside my iweb page. Nothing is working OR maybe it just can't be done?

I need some expert help to check this one out for me. It would be soooooo appreciated at this point. Many of you seem pretty advanced with getting around the limitations of iweb.

Here's my site, created all in iweb. In the "Design & Print" page I'd like to put a hyperlink that opens a new window with a flash viewer like simpleviewer. It seems like a real pain but I have to conquer this problem. Thanks everyone for your help!!!! PS- I don't publish to .mac.

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Re: iWeb Slideshow help/problems/question

in your razor_show directory, place your simpleviewer  files

image folder
thumbs folder

i'm assuming you want the SV to be in the pop up after clicking "launch portfolio"

holler back, if that isn't what you want

Outstanding graphics btw!!


in order to better assist you, please provide a url, relevant code and details about your problem.

Re: iWeb Slideshow help/problems/question

I got it. Thanks for the help!!