Topic: Is it possible to Add Xml Options?

I have created a .swf file to navigate through multiple simpleviewer galleries.  Each of my galleries has different properties as defined by the file.  But when I go to view it, it screws up.  Whatever gallery is loaded first sets the properties for all the other galleries based on what I had defined in the .as file.  So if i set up the thumbnails to be in one location in gallery 1, and gallery 2 has them set else where. Once Gallery 1 is loaded the way I had it set for gallery two becomes overidden and the thumbnails for gallery 2 are set wherethey would be set for gallery 1...

wow that's not confusing.

My only solution that I can think of is to set it up so those variables are loaded up through the individual xml files...

Does anyone know how to add XML variables and make them function?

and if not, does anyone else have any other solution to this?

(other than not changing the gallery set up, that to me is not an option ;) )

Re: Is it possible to Add Xml Options?

Nevermind, I figured out a way around it. :P