Topic: navigation arrows, how do i get them ?

hi guys, im very new to the web design scene, i have created a template for my site in dreamweaver and spent ages looking for a decent gallery software, came across simpleviewer and i love it.

my site is, none of the links work as of yet as i want to make sure i have a working gallery template 1st.

as you can see i have my simpleviewer on there but i want to add more pictures without going into another browser window.

i want to do the same as this person has done

Sorry if this has been posted before, look forward to your replies :)

Found an answer on the forum, add more pictures lol, sorry for any inconvience caused.

Re: navigation arrows, how do i get them ?

glad you got it working!

tip - resize your images and optimize them. They are huge and take a long time to load. Make your first image load as fast as possible -ie low file size


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