Topic: browser issues on mac

I am using simpleviewer 1.8 and everything works great on my site when viewed through any PC browser.

However, some friends have trouble viewing on Macs with G4 iMac, OSX.3.9, , Flash 9. with Safari 1.3.2, Firefox 2.0, Shiira 1.2.1, and OmniWeb 5.1.1 but it works in IE 5.2, Opera 9, Flock, and Netscape 7.2. I assume there is some small tweaking that some Mac browsers won't accept (but the forgiving PC browsers and more forgiving Mac browsers will) Any ideas what is could be?

Re: browser issues on mac

I'm having the same problem. Can anyone help?

Alot of people are saying that they get the Flash download button on the page but Simpleviewer still won't load even after downloading Flash.

Re: browser issues on mac

It seems that you need to change the permissions on your server for the .js and the .swf file. Basically, I think you need to make them executable, or mac safari freaks out. It was mentioned briefly in another thread. Go to your server control panel and change the permissions in file management. Best of luck!