Topic: problems with FLA

I just purchased and downloaded SimpleViewer-Pro, but when I go to edit the .fla, it fails to publish. 

The web example is just the preloader screen repeating over and over.

The other examples DO contain a download link contrary to what is stated in the FAQ.

Please let me know what's going on...if I'm just dumb, the download is bugged, or what.

Anyone else have this problem?  If so, what's the fix?  I've got a client on hold because I can't get this to work so any replies would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Re: problems with FLA


Re: problems with FLA

The SWF without the download link is in the 'web' folder in your download.

If you are getting an error publishing the FLA, that usually means you have an older version of Flash. SimpleViewer-Pro requires Macromedia Flash MX04 (version 7.2 or later) authoring software to customize. A free, fully functioning 30-day trial of Flash 8 can be downloaded here:

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.