Topic: load swf's in Autoviewer?

Does anybody know if it is possible to load both jpg's AND swf's in Autoviewer? And if so, what do I need to change?
This is because i changed some of my photo's in flash and added some cool effects (rollovers etc.) and I would love to show these files also in my gallery! Hope somebody can help me! Great application by the way! :D

If this is not possible, I think it is a good one for 'Feature Requests'.

Re: load swf's in Autoviewer?

Yes you can. Just put the name of the swf as the filename in an image node in the XML.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: load swf's in Autoviewer?

Wow, that's easy! :D Thanks!  8)

Re: load swf's in Autoviewer?

Well, the swf shows up, but not in the place where it should be. At first it's size is i guess 500%, second it's placed somewhere in the lower right corner of the screen and floats above the 'holder' (black rectangle where normally photo's show up). I created a simple swf with size 600x400.
Too bad it doesn't work,
i realy need this, suggestions anyone?


Fixed, don't know exactly why, but it works fine now. Guess something was wrong with the swf.

Re: load swf's in Autoviewer?

What is an image node in the XML? Is that in the gallerydata.xml? do i just put filename.swf instead of filename.jpg?