Topic: Site works on Safari/Camino - not in IE!

Hi all,

Here is a test page from my new site:

It's quite simple - three DIVs, one header, one footer and the Simpleviewer itself.

Layout is fixed so when browswer window is too small, scrollbars appear. This works fine in Safari and Camino on the Mac, but in IE (on the Mac and I assume on the PC too) the footer appears way down the page. It should be directly beneath the image area!

Please help - this is very frustrating! I don't even know where to begin to try and fix this...

Many thanks,


Re: Site works on Safari/Camino - not in IE!

I should mention that I've been testing on IE for Mac (5.2).

I've had friends test on IE 6 on PC and they say it works fine, but no scrollbars appear when shrinking the window.

I want the scrollbars to appear on all browswers!

Any ideas much appreciated.