Topic: Left click on the thumb to pop up pic

Hello to all. Sorry to my bad english firstly. I have an idea when I click on the thumb, the big picture will be open in the new popup window, or other blank window. I´m not so good action script coder like you. Can you help me anybody please? I have PRO version.
Thanx to all

Re: Left click on the thumb to pop up pic

OK guys
. I tried it. I pasted this into the It could be work well, but i don´t know how get the current number of the pic. Now there is [i] but it doesn´t work well.

private function onPress(){
        if (mSelected ) return;
        mBase_mc._x += Options.thumbnailClickShift;
        mBase_mc._y += Options.thumbnailClickShift;           
        getURL(mXMLManager.imagePath + mXMLManager.imageFileNames[i]);

Do you know? Thanks

Felix, are you busy? I haven´t had your reply to my mail.