Topic: HELP! Repositioning the main image (ImageArea)

recently bought SVpro, not a flash expert by any means...
By default the main image seems to be aligned so it is in the vertical center of the screen, whereas the thumbs are only milimeters away from the top of the swf...

I want to reposition the main image to it aligns with the thumbs,

any advice would be welcome  :)

Re: HELP! Repositioning the main image (ImageArea)

OK.. sussed out how to move the main image but despite having the fixed layout turned on the thumbs seem to ignore the code telling them to appear further down the screen... in reality they are about 5px down when they should be 60px down.

Also - tried replacing title text with a graphic by replacing its movie clip which also didnt work?

any help would be much appreciated

Re: HELP! Repositioning the main image (ImageArea)

try adjusting your padding to position thumbs, using fixed layout will keep thumbs aligned with the main image only if all the images are the same height, as the code is based on the width and height of the image.

Here is info from Felix about using a new mc for an image/logo. This may help you and you could leave your title blank.

create a new mc in the Image class that will hold your logo.

Add the logo graphic to the library, give it linkage name "myLogo"

In the Image class add this in the variable declarations
private var mLogo_mc:MovieClip;

add this at the end of the Image() function:
mLogo_mc = mClip_mc.loadMovie("myLogo","loader",mClip_mc.getNextHighestDepth());   


holler back if you need more help


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