Topic: Simpleviewer customization!


I'm using simpleviewer on a stones company website and i needed to have the title text color different from the caption text color, cause they have diferrent background colors, so i add a line to on the section //get data from XML after line 45:

tColor = gXMLRoot.attributes.titleColor;

then on the imagedata.xml add the follow attribute:


I that it will be nice to include this feature on the swf version.

Re: Simpleviewer customization!

I would appreciate to change color of the tittle.  Why not add size of font ?
What about position of title ?
I am very happy whith the last version of simpleviewer.

Re: Simpleviewer customization!

That level of customization is not supported in the free version of SV. It is possible using the SimpleViewer source code.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.