Topic: How do I add a Scroll Bar to gmcCaption?

I am having an issue I need help with, which I feel would help a lot of other SimpleViewer users:

Simply put, I want to be able to scroll the dynamically loaded text from the XML file that coresponds to each picture, and have it be scrollable, dependant on the amout of text.

gmcCaption is where the XML loded data positions itself, I know this much, but I want to be able to add a scroll bar.

The code that enables simple viewer to work has a necessary stop() action at the end of it, and is containd on one frame . I believe because of that stop() that even though I have created a coresponding controller that would allow gmcCaption to move, the fact that it has a fixed point within that main set of code, shown below, prevents it from moving:

gmcCaption._x = thumbAreaX + 4 - gThumbAreaWidth;
gmcCaption._y = thumbAreaY + gThumbAreaHeight;

...and then a stop(); at the end

I have played around with the gmcCaption x and y coordinates and so far have been able to have it appear at the origin point of a moving symbol, yet even though the symbol is moving gmcCaption stays at the origin point. Example shown bellow where side_2 is a moving symbol that moves in the same frame as the SimpleViewer code, using coded x and y coordinates:

gmcCaption._x = side_2._x;
gmcCaption._y = side_2._y;

Like I said, even though the symbol, side_2, continues moving, gmcCaption stays at side_2's origin point.

This is driving me bananas! In fact I think i'll go at one now to give my mind a break.

Any help would be greatly apreciated
Many Thanks