Topic: Path issue when embedding Autoviewer in Rails app

Has anyone been able to successfully embed the Autoviewer (not Pro, the free version) into a Ruby on Rails app? For proof of concept, I ran through the installation steps copying the viewer.swf, xml file, flashobject.js and images directory under the Rails root directory called "public".

In my page (view), I added a leading slash to the swf parameter value to specify the root path -- "/viewer.swf". When I load the page, the swf runs but Autoviewer never seems to find the images. I can even see that the Flash "play" button/icon is displaying toward the upper left side of the viewer (out of place) but no images ever load.

This seems like a path issue but I don't know any other ways to troubleshoot. Any other tricks I can try? I noticed that Autoviewer Pro gives you more flexibility with the path but I don't have Flash 8 so I can't go that route.

Re: Path issue when embedding Autoviewer in Rails app

I hacked a solution to this issue by using an iFrame in my view that called in the path to the html file in the public directory.

So in my view, where page is my model, I have:
src ="/images/galleries/<%= @page.gallery_path %>/index.html"
width="100%" height="600" frameborder="0">

Then, in "[my_app]/public/images/galleries/" I have a folder for each "page" containing:
-the "images" directory

Remember, I didn't have the correct version of Flash to adjust the paths from the swf to the xml file and the images. Obviously, it would be ideal to have a more dynamic solution with less file duplication but this at least works!