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i´m playing around with simpleviewer.
i´m sure, it will be THE method to show my pics online.
but there is a small problem:
when using simplevierwer (xp sp2, ie6 & ff, the task itself becomes very big, about 170MB.
this is rather much, even on my 2 weeks old centrino duo notebook with 1gb ram i feel the machine to slow down and/or to lag.

the gallery isn´t that big, on the hdd it is (images + thumbs) ~12mb, including about 120 pictures.

is there any way to get rid of that memory consumption?

thanks in advance and greetz from austria

Re: memory consumption

i´ve created a bigger gallery with about 270 pictures.
the total amount of memory firefox preserves now is 410MB+!!!

how can this be?
i don´t know anything bout flash programming, but coulnd´t you please delete this bug? it could really avoid my friends from visiting my galleries (not everybody has 1gig+ of ram) ;-)

big, big thanks in advance

Re: memory consumption

Check the FAQ, Q8: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: memory consumption

i´m ashamed. i checked the faq, but obvisiusly not enough.
that means, i have no chance to avoid this?


Re: memory consumption

About the only thing that the FAQ says about this is that SV was designed for galleries that are only about 50 images. If you have a large gallery, then it will simply suck up too much memory.

Is there any way you could split the gallery into multiple parts so that it doesn't have to pre-load all 120 (or 270) pictures at once? That would reduce the strain on the machine.

I think that one of the reasons it sucks so much RAM is not the actual total file size of the pics, but the fact that it has to preload so many at one time.

That's really all I've got...

Re: memory consumption

hi jared,

there´s no really good way to split the galleries into some smaller ones.
it would mess up the way i´d like to design my website and my "soul peace" ;-)

in my opinion it would dicrease the consumption of memory, if the pictures are loaded in chunks of about 30, preloading 15 more pictures if the first 15 where looked at and so on...
am i right?