Topic: Loading Simpleviewer in simpleviewer gallery :)

This may seem like a huge no no but as far as content management it would be a godsend for all those out there that are constantly updating their galleries. 

Is there a way to load a simpleviewer gallery inside of another "parent" swf file?  I am constantly adding new galleries and it would be much easier to add a new xml entry and slap some thumbnails up there than to re edit my fla files. 

I am trying to consolidate a few galleries to avoid having to navigate to multiple pages. 

So basically there would be a left sidebar that is simpleviewer driven for swf files.  Then when you click on those thumbs another simpleviewer gallery would open instead of a Jpeg with top navigation for individual images within that gallery selected on the left.

I can imagine that there would be some serious problems with variables sharing names but if I am wrong please help me figure this one out!  I would be really appreciative.

Thanks again.

Brady Whealon