Topic: Problems embedding viewer into scalable flash movie

Hi there,

I've just purchased SV Pro & am trying to embed the viewer.swf into an existing movie. I used the code from the supplied example fla:

function loadGallery(galName){
    _root.xmlDataPath = galName; 

But there's a couple of problems I can't seem to solve.

1. The viewer.swf doesn't seem to load into the top left corner of the container MC as in the sample file provided - it loads it in the bottom right of the stage.

2. I can't control the size of the viewer.swf using the suggested code:

_global.SVStageWidth = 640;
_global.SVStageHeight = 420;

I copied & pasted this as is from the example fla but it doesn't work in my movie.

3. Because the movie I've embedded the viewer.swf into is set to scale to 90% of the browser window size the viewer doesn't scale/move with the movie it's embedded in. Is there any way around this? I'd have thought the fact that it's been loaded into a container MC it should behave as the container does.

Any help or suggestions to any of the above would be most grateful.