Topic: Adding links on the page

I have just purchased Simple Viewer Pro so I am very new to all the terminology. I have managed to create two galleries but I want to add URLS on the page to return to the home page of the website. Which file needs to be edited and what needs to be added?

dcbeagle - the novice

Re: Adding links on the page

Check the multiple gallery example, in your downloaded files: examplesHTML Embedmultiple galleries examplegallery1index.html

You can add a HTML home link at the top of this page.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Adding links on the page

Thank you for your help. I have now created a page - … index.html and the next step is to add a background other than the present black scene.

Any guidance will be appreciated.


Re: Adding links on the page

Hi, I´m using Simpleviewer plugin with Rapidweaver 3.5.1 - and would like to have a "back to home" link om my simpleviewer page. Where do I find the index.htm page you are referring to? Or the multiple gallery example?