Topic: embed in another flash movie

I am trying to embed inside a flash holder clip from my main movie.
I keep getting error about not finding the XML.

Any tips?

Re: embed in another flash movie

it's gonna call the xml files from the directory that the parent movie clip is in.
If you have your main site movie load a swf from a remote location, it's still gonna think to load it from whatever location the parent swf is located.
does that answer your question?   'cause otherwise it's probably just a semantic error, eh?

Re: embed in another flash movie

ok I moved the file into the parent directory and it works. I wanted to have like 50 different sub folders so adding new SV would be easy and intergrate with existing site. Do I need to make changes to the SV fla.?
Do I need SV pro to make this work?

Re: embed in another flash movie

i have tried to use some of the code i see posted on the forum.
I see the multiple gallery threads. I do not want to use a button but use "loadMovie" with action on a key frame.

What code do I use to find the XML and how do i set it up?

Re: embed in another flash movie

well I'm not sure how you want your site to look, but I think that the easiest way to make it behave like you want is as follows:
-Make an xml file for every folder that you wish to put images in (50?).  Make sure that each imagepath is pointed at the right folder.
-Make a flash button for every folder.
-in a seperate, "actions" layer of your main movie, you want to make a function that loads the viewer.swf and tells it which xml file to read:

function loadGallery(galName) {

"loadGallery" is what I named the function.  "galName" is the variable that will be changed to a string with the corresponding xml filename.
"mcLoader" is the instance of movieclip that is holding the viewer.swf

-now, in the actions layer put in the following code for every button:

1stButton.onRelease = function() {
2ndButton.onRelease = function() {
3rdButton.onRelease = function() {

//and so on...

of course you'll have your own button instances and xml names, but you get the idea.

I hope this gets things cleared up for ya.  If you have any more actionscript syntax questions, I recommend doing a google search.