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I am currently using Autoviewer, debating buying Pro, but I was wondering if either could support transparent frames?

When I install an SWF with transparent background as a slide, the color of the frame (which seems to be a solid box rather than a border around the image) shows through the SWF, rather than what is below it.

I want to have my frame (currently set to a light grey) be just a border, and the image (which is a transparent SWF) reveal the background of my page (which is an image.)

Can this be done?

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Use WMODE transparent in the html file.

    <embed src="viewer.swf" align="top" width="100%" height="100%" quality="high" scale="noscale" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WMODE="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />   

It works for me.

Good luck

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It (and the original method) works to allow the background of the SWF to be  transparent, however the FRAME that surrounds each picture is not a border, but rather a large colored box - so the SWF just becomes transparent to this colored box.

I want the colored frame box to disappear, and the "frame" to literally just be a border.

Other ideas?

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Anyone with further ideas?

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I just figured this out (well, I think I did)...but first a disclaimer: I am not a flash developer, this is only the second time I've done anything with flash so if my code is bad or whatever, don't complain...just tell me how to do it correctly! 

In the DrawUtil class there is a function called hollowRectangle which takes an extra parameter that it uses to "cut the hole."  The code drawing the frame is in the setSize  function of the Image class.  Toward the bottom inside the if (mLoaded) part is a call to DrawUtil.rectangle.  That call needs to be replaced by DrawUtil.hollowRectangle and you'll need to pass in your frame width (I know there's a variable set for that but mine is just hard coded.

Here is the original line from
DrawUtil.rectangle(mFrame_mc, 0,0,mWidth,mHeight);

Here is the replacement (the '10' at the end is the frame width):
DrawUtil.hollowRectangle(mFrame_mc, 0, 0, mWidth, mHeight, 10);

I also made a change to make the image transparent instead of just darker when it's not the one "in focus" which I will post shortly. 

Here's the example:

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I just wanted you to know that I finally tested this advice, and it works perfectly. Using PNG files, or putting PNGs in Flash and exporting SWFs (for smaller file sizes) you can get great semi- or fully-transparent images.