Topic: Small caption for each thumbnail

I am currently trying to incorporate Simple Viewer v 1.8 into a modeling agencies website.

The owner of the site has one request on the layout, and I was wondering if this was possible.

As it stands now, each large picture has it's set of captions.  Ex, when you display the 1st picture in the series, there is a caption underneath the thumbnails pulling from the <CAPTION> line in the .xml file.

What she wants is to be able to display the "9" (I use 9 just because that is the default setting) thumbnails with the name of each person under the thumbnail, and then when you select the image, all the information form the <CAPTION> section displays.

I hope that makes sense.

I would like to be able to let her know as soon as possible if this can be done.

Thank you.


Re: Small caption for each thumbnail


Re: Small caption for each thumbnail

I am doing the a models site also.

  I need two features.

  1. I need just the thumbnail option to present a list of models (each one with some more caption tan the little has it right now(name, phone,mail, tag and a link). At this time it's very short.

  2. The link abbility to the thumbnail in order to jump to the model's profile where her own gallery shows up.  (also this abbility could be use in personal's portfolio for curriculum sites)

Thanks a lot!!