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hi. first i'd like to thank Airtight for all of your hard work in the development of SimpleViewer. it is recognized, and appreciated. ;)

unfortunately for me, i've only been able to view the "preview" which comes in the downloaded archive. let me explain...

I use SimpleViewer 1.71, Fedora Core 5, ShowImg where the option exists
[ File -> Export -> SimpleViewer ]

when i try the S.V. export, as described above, my configured folder is created, the contents of that folder "looks right", but browsing to the directory using #http://localhost/mysite/simplvwer/etc, loading index.html results in the swf running, only to show: "Gallery Not Found"

i've tested this against the "Demo" s.v. in the D/L'd archive.
indeed, the Demo "works": i can see a single image which is repeated in a menu of 3 across and 3 down, and a second page w/ 3 in one row, and one in the second-- which i'm guessing is "correct" for the demo (based on the .zip contents).

i double-checked this issue today, and created screencaps of both the "demo" folder, and the folder created via ShowImg (as in the aforementioned "Export" function).

i have tried numerous times over the past several weeks / months, each time w/out ultimate success in achieving a "working", custom SimpleViewer directory of my own images. PLEASE SEE IMAGES at the following link see attached.

what is wrong? what do you suggest i try to "fix" it?


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Have you edited the paths of the images to correspond to the folder? (editing the imagedata.xml with a word processor, notepad, matching the image names with files in the corresponding images, thumb folders) As long as you put your images in the default folders with the SV data, you shouldn't need to alter the paths ("./images", can be left blank) Do you have your files online, or somewhere I could take a look at them? (imagedata.xml, etc.)  Not sure if any of this helps, reply back if it does.

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not sure what ShowImg or Gwenview are. I'm guessing you're using jAlbum or similar? Did you try getting help there?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Gwenview and ShowImg are image viewer software, similar to Windows apss ACDsee, XNView, etc -- a browser-style interface. The software is designed for KDE, the X-Windows desktop environment for Fedora (FC5) Linux.

Is JAlbum the "preferred" interface for creating  Simple Viewer albums?

as for the paths, etc.-- the way i understand it-- all of this should have happened as part of the "Export Wizard". i'm not discounting your recommendation, but i want to correct the problem w/ the Exporting from ShowImg-- so i was trying to figure out if this was a "common problem", and if there is a known solution.

I wasn't expecting the responses re: "what's showimg", so allow me to explain just a bit about that part of Linux experience... "just for fun"

you see-- unlike Windows-- where you pretty much know what apps to use (or can figure it out quickly at for whatever you might be doing because they've all been reviewed, or your school or workplace has used them for years, etc.-- and everything is made to be super easy, etc.--  Linux apps tend to be a little more difficult to find, and settle on-- because there are like a million and one software selections out there-- usually all "free to use". so, to find the most appropriate app for any given task is not always easy. it becomes quite a process of trial and error.

the plus side is that they are all really good at what they do. the down side is finding the one that does all of exactly what you want to do-- many of them are nearly identical, minus one or two little things-- not unlike Firefox Extensions (on a much larger level however).

the point of all of this is that I discovered SimpleViewer by way of ShowImg. it's only natural that i've expected it to work "seamlessly". from what i've seen of SimpleViewer, to have a regular Image Browser w/ the option to spit out a SimpleViewer gallery would be awesome.

i don't consider JAlbum to be an image browser, but rather a specific-to-album-making application. i wouldn't want to browse through all of my images with it. ShowImg, however, does the browsing gig very well.

and therein lies my disappointment. i'll give the JAlbum a try. if it's designed to work like that, knowing David's work, i'm sure it does a great job. ;)

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JAlbum is not the prefered method, I know that there is a SimpleViewer skin for it - I have not tried it myself. The methods I know of to generate SV albums are listed here: … truct.html

It sounds like you are having issues with the SimpleViewerExport plugin with ShowImg ( ). Unfortunately I can't offer much support for this. You could try contacting the plugin author.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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yes, that's absolutely where the problem is, i'd say. i wish they'd have figured it out by now that it doesn't work right-- or maybe it did at one time, and now simple viewer is different, they no longer "match" or work together.

i came to SimpleViewer first because i thought perhaps there was something on that end that i personally was doing wrong-- but as i dug around a bit, i began to realize that it's really a pretty simple (hehe-- no pun, eh?) application... so, like you said-- it's gotta be something that the wiring of the Export feature.

i'll definitely take a look at your URL's. thanks. i realize you've got a lot to tend to-- but this is probably exactly what i needed to move forward, so thanks for getting back to me!!

the solution, citing SimpleViewer FAQ #24, lies here: