Topic: Slow thumbnail loading


I have the pro version of simple viewer. I've had people comment to me how slow thumbnails take to load, and I tend to agree with them. However, I've noticed some people have fast loading thumbnails.

Is anything able to be configured to speed up the loading time of the thumbnails? I've already tried having thumbnails that are only 1k each and using low quality but it still takes roughly 1 thumbnail a second to load. The rest of my site loads pretty quickly so it's not a slow web host.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I'd really like to speed the loading time up.

Ps. My galleries are at so you can see what I mean. I haven't fixed up the layout yet so ignore how it looks

Re: Slow thumbnail loading

Try to amend the - maybe that works... Just a guess.

SV-PRO has an option to disable image preloading. This will allow you to have a lot more images in your gallery without slow-down. Maybe that works for the tumbnails too?!

Amend: SimpleViewer-Pro ActionScript

preloadImages:Boolean - Sets whether to automatically preload images in the background

to "false"