Topic: Back Arrow problem with alignment

Hiya I hope someone can  help.

I need to position my navigation arrows so that they are either side of the thumbnails, rather than underneath them.    I can position the "forward" arrow perfectly but because the position of both arrows is calculated from the top left of the thumbnail area, my "previous" arrow is hidden under the first thumbnail.    If I try and enter a negative X value (eg: -10)  to move the arrow to the left of the X axis, it just disappears.

Can anyone help? Is there anyway to align my "previous" arrow to the left hand side of my first thumbnail. I'm finding this so frustrating :(

Any advice woule be really appreciated.

Re: Back Arrow problem with alignment

I presume there is no solution to this then?  :cry:

Re: Back Arrow problem with alignment

Im doing one row, 5 column thumbnail nav along the bottom. I want to reduce my thumbnails to around 40 pixels. No problem in doing that. However, the back thumbnail navigation arrows no longer aligns correctly. It is too close to (almost underneath) the first thumbnail. (the horizontal align is off. the vertical alignment is fine) The forward arrow is fine.

I want more space for my actual image and less space taken up by the thumbs and padding around thumbs (Am I correct in my understanding that I cant adjust the padding around the thumb area only? i.e. move the thumbs up vertically a bit?)

Any help or pointers to solution would be greatly appreciated!