Topic: navDirection="TTB" ?

Hi I have one vertical strip of thumbnails that I would like to scroll not from left to right but from top to bottom. I found the switch navDirection="LTR" in the xml config, but no mention of this in the manual. Guessing by the name(s), I tried to set it to "TTB" but it didn't work (still scrolling left-right).
Is this switch implemented? If so, what are the accepted values? If not, how can one accomplish the vertical scrolling behavior by changing the sources (have the pro version)?



Re: navDirection="TTB" ?

Hey Rixo!  There's a pretty simple solution.  In the imagedata.xml file, change the "thumbnailColumns" to the number of thumbnail wide you want your thumbnail gallery to be, then change your "thumbnailRows" to the ammount of thumbnails tall you want it to be.  So if you have 8 thumbnails and you want a vertical thumbnail gallery change the "thumbnailColumns" to 1 or 2 and your "thumbnailRows" to 8 or 4.  Hope that helps, and please let me know if you have any problems.