Topic: Change caption postion possible?

Is is possible in SimpleViewer Pro to change the caption position?

My request is to configure Pro version to position caption below the normal size picture. (Right now caption is always below the first thumbnail)

Any help or advice very much appreciated

Re: Change caption postion possible?

Using SV-PRO, you can set the caption position in 2 ways:

1) (easy way) If you want to used a fixed size layout for your gallery, in, set fixedLayout to true. Then set captionX and captionY to the required position of the caption. Republish your SWF.

2) (more complex way) If you want to keep the automatic image resizing of SV when the browser window changes, and you want the caption to be below the main image do this.

Open In the function doLayout(), around line 248 change this:

mCaption_mc.txtText._width = mThumbArea.width;
mCaption_mc._x = thumbX;            
mCaption_mc._y = thumbY + mThumbArea.height + mThumbArea.navHeight + Thumb.padding;

to this:

mCaption_mc.txtText._width = imgW;
mCaption_mc._x = imgX;            
mCaption_mc._y = imgY + mXMLManager.stagePadding + imgH;

Republish your SWF.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Change caption postion possible?


excellent job, thank you very much.