Topic: Complete dynamic customization


Is there any way of complete customization of SimpleViewer?

Concretely I mean:

I would like to have SimpleViewer on the web server and also I want to allow to my client to automatically upload images to server. Then, I need to let SimpleViewer know which files I want to show. I could generate an XML file, that's not a problem. Also I can generate thumbnails on the server, that is not a problem as well.

So my idea is to let know SimpleViewer in HTML code where the XML file is stored (something like http://server/File.aspx?Id=1 which will return a valid XML file) and in this XML file will be stored a list of images and/or image thumbnails (image URL's like http://server/Image.aspx?Id=1).

Is something like this possible? That my server application would generate metadata and images for SimpleViewer? Or the metadata which describe images are store in flash file?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Complete dynamic customization

yes that's possible. Check here: … omize.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.