Topic: PHP based SimpleViewer site

So I was using Porta to build my galleries for me, but that usually meant putting it off as long as possible.  I knew there were a dozen better ways to do it.

My site is arranged generally by date (root/photo_albums/2007/01/23)...  So I created a PHP file to replace the XML for the SimpleViewer galleries.  Then I used a frame to split the page with a menu on the left.  Then I put it all together and you get the results...

Download Source

Now, when I want to build a gallery, I use a batch file to make IrfanView resize the images and create thumbnails, then just upload the folder to the appropriate date...

Ex. batch file

set dirt=%~d0%~p0

"C:Program FilesIrfanViewi_view32.exe" "%dirt%*.jpg" /resample=(1024,1024) /aspectratio "/convert=%dirt%images*.jpg"

"C:Program FilesIrfanViewi_view32.exe" "%dirt%*.jpg" /resample=(87,87) /aspectratio "/convert=%dirt%thumbs*.jpg"
"C:Program FilesIrfanViewi_view32.exe" "%dirt%thumbs*.jpg" /crop=(0,0,65,65) "/convert=%dirt%thumbs*.jpg"

I'm new to PHP, so this has been a learning process for me. Feel free to comment, critique, and recommend updates.

Now I just need to get it working for movies... will post my woes over in the troubleshooting forum...