Topic: How/where to get latest SimpleViewer Pro?

I sent an email to Felix 2 days ago, but havent heard back...

Anyone know where I can get a hold of the latest Pro version (1.8)? 

I'm still using 1.7.1, and am having that "upgrade.html was not found on this server" bug for using SimpleViewer within an I-frame and having it viewed under Firefox....

I'm a paid "Pro" user...



Re: How/where to get latest SimpleViewer Pro?

If you have purchased a previous version of SimpleViewer Source Code (v1.7.1 or earlier) you are entitled to a free upgrade to SimpleViewer-Pro v1.8.

Please fill out this form to receive your upgrade: … _form.html

taka - your upgrade link has been sent.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.