Topic: textHeight doesn't seem to work with multi lines texts…


textHeight seems to consider that all text fields have only one line…

I am still running the good old 1.7 version…
I have added some text fields for new xml information.
OK it works : I get all the fields with their content inside.

It's about the positioning.
Because some of the text fields can have more than one line, I tried to use the original code for my extra fields :
    gTitleHeight = gmcTitle.txtCap.textHeight;       
    gCaptionHeight = gmcCaption.txtCap.textHeight;       
    gDescriptionHeight = gmcDescription.txtCap.textHeight;

But if I put :
    gmcExtra._y = thumbAreaY + gThumbAreaHeight + gCaptionHeight + gDescriptionHeight;
each of the fields is considered with only 1 line…

A way to manage that ?