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Hi. Before I give my comments I just want to say that simpleviewer is a great piece of software.

However, I recently purchased the sourcecode in an attempt to adapt the style and layout to my needs. Unfortunately this proved incredibly difficult and I had to abandon the project in favour of a less elegant solution, which was a shame.

The reason for it being so difficult to change is because of the actionscript, which I actually think is a good thing keeping the function separate from the flash file, except that non programmers like myself who only have a basic knowledge of actionscript find it hard to work out what does what. In fact I went through the whole code line by line trying to figure things out logically (I know a bit of PHP so I'm not a complete novice), making changes, but it seemed like most of what I was doing didn't really make much difference, and the results often weren't predictable.

I appreciate these things may not be that easy to do, but my suggestions for the next version of simpleviewer would be as follows:

1. specify the exact width, height and position of thumbnails
2. turn off thumbnail elements (loader, visited, border etc)
3. specify the exact width, height and postion of the main image
4. specify the exact width, height and position of the caption
5. specify the exact width, height and position of the previous and next buttons, both on the thumbnails section and the main image
6. use the exact dimensions of the thumbnail and image files and just mask them if they are too big (the thumbnails seem to crop and scale even if they are the exact size as the thumbnail button)

I think you get the idea, basically it would be fantastic to have everything (where possible) user configurable.

I'll keep an eye on development of simpleviewer and if it becomes easier to customise I have no doubt I will use it. Also, if it could do all of the above I would happly pay more than the current $45. For now it's one of those 'I like it, but I can't quite make it do what I want' pieces of software.[/i]

Re: Feedback


thanks for your thoughtful feedback. The issues you mentioned will be addressed in the nest version of SimpelViewer.

- Felix

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.