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I'm so screwed up!!  I'm trying to build a multiple gallery under one main category--I don't want a new window to open for each subcategory.  I've looked at the FAQs and read/tried almost every topic in this forum.  Sometimes people don't answer, or the User figures it all out after the post.  Maybe that'll happen to me...

I used this solution: … hp?t=2433]. I have Gallery1 up and its working great, (Simpleviewer is awesome!!) but when I tried to build Gallery2, its shows the same images as Gallery1.

* I'm using a different gallery.xml called gallery2.xml (with the new image files, duh)
* The imagePath and thumbPaths are correct.
* I created a new index.html file complete with a new name and the new gallery paths.

What am I doing wrong?  Please walk me slowly through this.  I don't know html.  I have 4 more galleries to build and I feel like I'm working a Rubik's Cube.

Re: Same images in multiple gallery


What version of SV are you using? Can you post your url so I can take a poke around and see if there's anything I can do to help?

[url][/url]  * [url][/url]./
*simpleviewer enhanced

Re: Same images in multiple gallery

I hope you were able to fix your problem. But if not this is a tutorial I put together for the multiple gallery question that you have. It is easy to follow and gives you code to introduce and explains it. Plus it gives you a clear idea of directory structure and so on. Hope it helps.