Topic: inserting simpleviewer into existing html

Hi - I have the site up, and while the simple galleries are working great - they are NOT loading into the webpage where I inserted the code into my html as directed in the FAQ's...instead the links to the galleries open up in a new page - NOT what I intended.

PLEASE clue me in on what I need to do within my html in order to get the galleries to show up in my table cell where I want them to appear!

(desperate plea as this site isn't a personal one!!!)

Thanks so much (in advance) - I'm hoping that maybe Matrix can help if Felix can't??

Re: inserting simpleviewer into existing html

All of my requests - now I feel silly - I figured it out!!!


Sorry for all the whining, but I was in a desperate mood and was worried because I'm so not a programmer AND I had no experience with Flash...