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Thought it might be worth asking if you can make it easier for viewer.swf to operate across folders.

Currently I've tried to do this and presume it's not going to work like this:

var dir = "sally/viewer.swf"
var so = new SWFObject(dir, "test", "100%", "500", "6", "#000000");

as the code stands the gallery.xml used is not the one in the folder called 'sally'. If the viewer was configured to take the gallery from the current folder this would solve the problem.

Re: Feature Request -

Well I thought I cracked it but there's something strange going on.

I added the following line to swfobjects javascript:

so.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "sally/gallery.xml");

and .... I get the correct title "Sally" but all the images are taken from gallery.xml in the root.

So it proves that I'm able to pass the path across but only one piece of data is being used.

Now I'm really confused!!

Re: Feature Request -

Ok forget it! I've finally twigged. :-)

Setting the relative image paths in the gallery.xml sorts it out.

Subject closed - feature request retracted.  :o