Topic: Auto activate SWF/Flash in browser

Hi all,

I'm using the PRO version since this year, great add-ons! But, that's not the reason why i'm in the troubleshooting area. The following is:

I'm using a script to auto activate my flash menu so those ugly white lines are automatically skipped, but this script does not work with the SimpleViewer SWF. It seems to fail to load the viewer.swf.

I tried several codes, but is there someone who has had the same problem and is able to help me?

Greetings Tomas

Re: Auto activate SWF/Flash in browser

They already did it for you!

Inside the "web" folder you'll find a swfobject.js - which does exactly that!

See the "example" page where youll find the proper "code" (for loading the file and inserting the object(swf)).

or you can use:

Which also works with Simpleviewer