Topic: Advanced Questions Regarding SW Pro

Hello SW staff,

First off, great script - highly appreciated.

Now i have the following situations:

Ur script allows SWF files (which is great) - but the files "play" on galleryLoad not on pictureLoad.

So it makes it nearly impossible to use any swf files (movies, animations etc. ) since u cant use the stop(); command (then only the first movie play's)

Is there a work around (tried looking in the .as files - without luck).

Secondly is there a way of "recalling" a special picture if you for example wanted to show picture 2 in the gallery (meaning you would be able to link to images in the gallery).

Your "generate" scripts are great, but im having problems with getting the .NET script overwriting the xml file (it just shows with the right code - and generete the thumbmails).