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Just checked my gallery on a Mac under Safari and Firefox.

Under Safari the white gauge which supposed to go across the thumbnail when it is loading goes all across the row of thumbnails. Firefox doesn't have that problem. IE on PC doesn't show this gauge at all, which seems the best option. Does anyone else see that too?

Also, scroll wheel on Mac doesn't seem like working at all on Mac both under Safari and Firefox.

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Can anybody confirm and help with fixing it?

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I am also having an issue with simpleviewer on a mac specifically Safari. My viewer shows up random. I have a site with the gallery being used pulling from multiple xml's depending on the page. When I am in safari it shows up for one gallery and then when I reload the page it disappears and it doesn't show up for all pages.I don't get an error message just a blank screen where the viewer is suppose to show. Any help would be appreciated.

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the problem only aroused with newer sv v1.8. it's fine with sv v1.7 on mac/ie 5. perhaps felix would like to elaborate that to make it more crossplatform. tx

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And I too have a v1.8 problem with safari and firefox!  Re-did the gallery from v1.7 because my flash version didn't support it.

The thumbs and first image load nicely, but that's it.  Nothing more - can't click on the thumbs (no error messages though).

Works fine in IE.

I've been going in circles over this...

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Does the sample gallery here load Ok for you in safari/firefox? If it does and your gallery does not, then usually this means you have an issue in the code you are using to embed the SimpleViewer SWF. For example iframes are not fully supported in firefox/safari.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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i'm afraid, the loading bars both for thumbnails and big images are still stretched across the screen longer than their defined length on g4 mac/ ie 5.2. Opera even asks to install the player when i have had flashplayers ranging from version 6-9 already installed in my computer. Later problem is not your fault, it's swfobject's bug with mac/opera 6.3