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I 'm trying to add additional Caption in simpleviewer.  I've followed instructions in one the topics ( duplicate all mCaption_mc)  and change the movie clip name to mCaption2_mc in StageManager,

it give me a text with same caption as the first one. Can someone please help ?  Do i need to modify any other files beside StageManager. Thanks

These are parts i add in StageManager

private var mCaption2_mc: MovieClip;

mCaption2_mc = mClip_mc.attachMovie("Caption","mcCaption2",mClip_mc.getNextHighestDepth());

mCaption2_mc.txtText.wordWrap = true;

mCaption2_mc.txtText._width = mThumbArea.width;
            mCaption2_mc._x = thumbX+200;
            mCaption2_mc._y = thumbY + mThumbArea.height +mThumbArea.navHeight + Thumb.padding + mCaption2_mc.txtText.textHeight;

public function showCaption(index:Number){
        var cap = mXMLManager.imageCaptions[index];
        if (cap == undefined) cap = "";
        mCaption_mc.txtText.htmlText = cap;
        mCaption2_mc.txtText.htmlText = cap;

and this is the  line in xml

<IMAGE><NAME>F001.jpg</NAME><CAPTION>this is caption </CAPTION><CAPTION2>this is caption2</CAPTION2></IMAGE>

Re: Additional Caption in SimpleViewer

You also need to duplicate some code in XMLManager in order to load in the second caption element.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Additional Caption in SimpleViewer

I got it.  Problem solved.  Thanks Felix