Topic: How to upload images to the gallery without xml, ftp, etc?

Is it possible to have my gallery so that I can upload images via an upload button or some sort of admin portal, rather than ftp images and update the xml document?

I saw that there is an Admin extension, which I downloaded but couldn't quite get it up and running.

I looked around and saw a few things that could be what I am looking for (I think) but am confused by the options.  I saw a Picassa plugin, but I need my gallery to look the same as it does now on the site, I don't want to have a Picassa logo on there or have to have the album on their server or anything.  (Not quite sure how Picasso works).

Is there a simple option that will allow me to manage and update my gallery via some sort of an admin?  I am a designer, and my coding skillset ends with CSS, so if it is something that would need to be created or require in depth knowledge of PHP or XML,    I'd probably need to hire a programmer. What technology would be used?  (So I know what to ask for when I post an ad)

Or, does an admin end for simpleviewer already exist?

Re: How to upload images to the gallery without xml, ftp, etc?

I have been poking around on Flickr this morning trying to see if that might suit my needs - it will allow the user to create albums based on their Flickr albums which is what I needed to happen. 

I also tried Porta, and thought I would still need to ftp, it makes things a bit easier (I built this site for someone else and she is not computer literate - would rather her not ftp and risk overwriting files, etc.)  But the issue I am having is that my simpleviewer gallery on my website has a light purple background image.  It also has some other changes that I made to the xml document, and also to the options page (I purchased SimpleViewer Pro.)

When my new gallery is dynamically created, the xml data is over written, also, my swf with my gallery changes is overwritten. 

Is there any way around this?  I tried Porta (the lady using this gallery will be on a pc) but there were no options to specify the background image or not overwrite the swf.

Re: How to upload images to the gallery without xml, ftp, etc?

The Simpleviewer Admin was exactly what I needed, but wouldn't work with the latest version of Simple Viewer Pro.  I got the source code for the previous Simple Viewer version, and now everything is running smoothly.