Topic: Nothing goes right

Hi , i'm french so sorry for my english.

First i dl the 1.7 version of simple viewer --> ok
Install it like instruction on the web site -->ok
DL the buildgallery.php and add it to the same folder --> ok
Add image files on the local folder adn upload all the package on my web site. -->ok
Chmod 777 on the different files and folders like instructions --> ok

Execute with firefox the buildgallery.php --> error message it can't find the GD librari on my web server but i ask to the web admin and he sat=y to me there is the GD 2.0.28 version on line so what happens?

after no images are seen on the page of simple viewer.

What can i do? is it  best chance it works with SV 1.8 ?

thanks for your help.

Re: Nothing goes right

Sounds like there is some issue on your server causing buildgallery.php not to work. I would try one of the alternative methods to generate your gallery: … truct.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Nothing goes right

Hi Felix,

It's ok now i tried to generate with picasa software and it work's fine.

It's not a satisfaction for me not to be able to solve the php version but it's cool  to have yet one way working than none.

thanks for your help  :D