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I'm trying to use the SimpleViewer on a PHP-based web site that has all the images already stored in a database.  I've made a gallery.php that produces the proper XML for the control, but the control doesn't seem to listen to the "xmlDataPath" parameter that tells it where to get the XML data from.

What I've got so far is at: … l?ID=10341

The XML generation script is at: … p?ID=10341

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here?  Thanks!

PS - I tried using the JavaScript method that the download file suggests, but that results in NO SWF control ever being displayed on the page.  By using the <object> tag directly, I've managed to get this far.  All I need now is this last step to tell the control where to get the XML data from.


Re: xmlDataPath Seems To Not Be Working

The syntax you are using to add the xmlDataPath parameter is incorrect. If you want to use an object tag to embed your swf, you need to use something like:

<PARAM NAME=FlashVars VALUE="xmlDataPath=myXMLFile.xml">

Note that the object tag only works in IE. The recommended way to use SV is to use the swfobject javascript embed code used in the download, then add your xml data path as described here: … omize.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: xmlDataPath Seems To Not Be Working

Got it, thanks.  That definetly helps.

Now, here's my next question: my thumbnails and my images aren't named the same.  If I could put in a feature request, it would be to allow the gallery.xml file to contain the full URLs to the different pictures, like this:

<caption>Test 1</caption>
<caption>Test 2</caption>

The reason for this is that we store our images in a database and not in a file folder, so the name of the thumbnail doesn't ever equal the name of the large image.  Also, we embed session identifiers in the image URLs so that we can stop people from hijacking our images.

Would this be a reasonable new feature to ask for?